Carott & Kid is a Loot Game! Take power by challenging other ZooValley & CadoVillage Players

28/03/2023 à 10:46:22
14 Pass
Game Rules Potager's boxes
28/03/2023 10:44:30 : flipe a gagné :
              - a Bracelet ICandy Twist Simple Black and Red
              - a Snow Queen Hair Clip
              - a Roudou Necklace Node Pap' Grelot for Dog Small Sailor
              - a Reponce Hair Elastic
27/03/2023 16:56:56 : flipe a gagné :
27/03/2023 16:54:14 : flipe a gagné :
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Discover the Carott & Kid and Play to win up to CAD 2,300 in Prizes!
Original Creation ZooValley & CadoVillage: fill in your Element Holder and win everything it contains!
The boxes on the grid contain elements and Prizes. To be able to Confirm your Element Holder, you must have an element at least as powerful as your most powerful prize. If your combination is good, you win all the accumulated Prizes. In a single Round, you can win nearly 2,300 CAD of Prizes!

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